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Guangzhou perseverance electromechanical device limited company is operating vehicle repair testing equipment of the Professional Company, the company's main business is import car repair agent of advanced testing equipment, to meet the needs of the rapid development of domestic automobile after sale service industry.
The main products of the company are as follows:
Lubricating oil filling equipment:
Italy FLEXBIMEC "Feili pa" lubricating oil filling system
The gas system of Italy PIUSI electric control, digital display gas gun, flowmeter
Germany TECALEMIT taiga: computer control of lubricating oil filling system
Vehicle maintenance equipment:
Germany Nussbaum Luce PA: car lifting machine, computer of wheel alignment instrument, computer automobile testing line, chassis dynamometer, tyre balancing machine, tyre dismantling machine.
The German Elektron electric pure: multi-function welder, inverter water-cooled spot welding, gas shield welder, battery charger, battery tester, start the machine.
Provide maintenance services:
We can provide all kinds of automotive maintenance equipment imported maintenance, installation and debugging, technical training services. Main technical backbone of more than 12 years experience in maintenance.
The company's major customers include Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and other famous automotive companies in China 4S service shop

Tel: 13902200089
Fax: 086-20-36162608
Mob: 13902200089
E-mail: hejiazhao@china.com
Website: http://www.gz-jianyi.com
Zip code: 510405
Addr: B15-16.2/F.Xinjiyuan Buiding.206 Guangyuan Zhong Road.Guangzhou P.R.China
Addr:B15-16.2/F.Xinjiyuan Buiding.206 Guangyuan Zhong Road.Guangzhou P.R.China  Tel:13902200089    
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